Online Group Workout Classes

Weekly Calorie Killer Workouts


Introducing Natalie's brand new glute-focused 1-2-1 class, Bums, Bums & Bums!

For this class, we forget about the Legs and Tums, and we focus solely on the Bums! The class lasts 30 minutes, and also incorporates some HIIT to burn those calories, too.

Classes take place on Zoom. You will be given the private Zoom log in details once you register. 


Monday: 7.30-8.30am

Friday: 8.30-9.30am 

Join Natalie twice per week for her fun and inclusive online calorie killer workouts! 



Natalie incorporates HIIT with total body strength training to ensure that you burn the most amount of calories in 50-60 minutes.


All workouts take place live on Zoom.